XplorMor International: XMI - Worldwide Conservation Projects, Fundraisers, Archival Photography and Scientific Field Study
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellostone National Park

XplorMor International

XplorMor International Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on projects with a societal benefit and outstanding universal value.

XMI organizes, participates and supports scientific, archaeological and cultural projects, fundraisers and fieldwork expeditions around the world. Expeditions created and lead by XMI aim to locate, identify and record, both by scientific documentation and photographic media, unique and often never before observed aspects of the natural world and social human history. Projects and fundraisers organized by XMI focus on opportunities to preserve and conserve our planet and to build fellowship between cultures.

Last year XMI traversed the Republic of Cuba to aid biologists from the University of Georgia and professors from the University of Havana with documenting Cuban insects. XplorMor organized the entire journey including an extensive itinerary. Currently the Team is exploring and photographing World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia, and promoting a solar power project for an elementary school at Run Ta Ek Eco Village in rural Cambodia to aid in decreasing the human impact on Angkor Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World heritage Site.

XMI wishes to inspire others to explore, discover, photograph, protect and share!