Pair of Wood Stork


Through discovery and photographic documentation of the Animal Kingdom, we wish to promote understanding and stimulate actions for a sustainable future. The world of animals, or in taxonomic terms: Kingdom Animalia, is divided into groups, known as phylum. These phylum are then broken down into classes based the animal's main features, such as having a backbone. Animals with backbones are referred to as vertebrates, and without, are invertebrates. The most widely known classes of vertebrates are mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and of invertebrates, are insects. We have documented species from each of these classifications while on expedition in remote locations, and sometimes, while scouting our local neighborhoods. Thanks to iNaturalist, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, several scientists, and Internet and print searches, we are able to identify and catalog the species photographed, and share our findings with scientific studies, research archives and relevant sites.

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Observations by Location

Note: Due to the number of species now documented, this map no longer includes insect sightings. Please visit the Micro World of Insects for mapped species and locations.

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